Why green wheels?
Earth Friendly, Energy Efficient Moving Services.

Green Wheels introduces [Green Concept]

Move [green], Save Money, Save the Planet.


Green Wheels provides earth friendly moving & storage services, using:

[alternative earth friendly energy],[recyclable and used packing materials],[implementing earth friendly business practices] and[promoting green organizations and initiatives].
As a pioneer in the Moving Industry, Green Wheels aims to be a Leader in setting new standards and evolving the moving industry to be more earth friendly and environmentally responsible.


The moving industry should be a key player in going green

The moving industry is a major user of non earth friendly energy and materials:

Energy: diesel is being used by most medium duty Moving Vans performing local moves and deliveries, as well as heavy duty trucks and Tractor Trailers which transport shipments across the country.

Packing Materials: cardboard boxes, petroleum-based bubble wrap and Styrofoam are all being used by movers to pack and protect shipments.

Currently, major parts of the moving industry lack Earth Friendly attitude and green awareness, making moves all over the country harmful to the environment.

Green Wheels mission is to lead the moving industry toward green, earth friendly and energy efficient future.


Based on the information provided by the U. S. Census Bureau (2005-2006), out of a population of 289,781,000 people, 39,836,000 moved. That is an overall percentage of 13.70 percent annually.

[The average American move once every 3 years] [About 43 million are expected to move this year – 1/6 of the population] [The average move consists of six full rooms of furniture and appliances] [Personal moves account for 44% of the total, corporate account for 42% and military for 14%] [the average American moves 12 times in his/her lifetime]

40,000,000 people who move every year make millions of individual moves, millions of truck hours and truck miles consuming millions of gallons of non earth friendly diesel and tones of packing materials.

We [green] move U save the planet.

Our passion to a green, earth friendly and energy efficient future will benefit the environment, planet and most important the communities we operate within.

Our green practices will save you money. Using green, energy efficient, earth friendly moving and logistics practices will make our services and overall cost to the end consumer more cost effective.

When we move you, you save money. Together we save the planet.

As a leader in introducing the concept of [green] moving services, Green Wheels evolved [green] business practice based on ten commitments [foundations]:
Green Energy              Green Practices
Green Logistics            Green Business Environment
Green Packing             Green Awareness
Green Storage             Green Charity
Green Pre-Moving       Services Green Innovation

Green Energy

Transportation uses two-thirds of all the oil in the US, and it emits 60-90% of the urban air pollution and one-third of the climate change emissions.

Moving Vans, Delivery vehicles and Tractor Trailers which historically have run on diesel, are a major source of air pollution that causes health problems for urban dwellers.

Green Wheels is committed to change the fuels we use to earth friendly alternatives.

Green Logistics

Logistic is the heart of the operation of any transport system. A successful moving company’s logistic is based upon the ability to deliver your shipment on time with the least of breakage or damage.

Green Wheels is committed to evolve our logistic to environmentally friendly and energy efficient transport and moving system.

Our logistics will be based on our customer needs and time frames while incorporating environmentally friendly and energy efficient principals: optimization of vehicle routing, consolidation of shipments, Maximization of truck trips and optimization of manpower and machinery to reduce energy usage.


Green Packing

Green packaging causes less damage to the environment than other forms of packaging – it is environmentally friendly. There are three types of green packaging:

Reusable packaging, which can be re-used.

Recyclable packaging, which is made of materials that can be used again, usually after processing, for packaging or some another purpose.

Biodegradable packaging, which will easily breakdown and disappear into the soil or the atmosphere, without causing damage.

Green Wheels is committed to promote and use green, earth friendly packing materials and implement green packing practices in our operation.

Green Storage

Storage is a necessary a service for individuals, corporation and government customers. Short term storage is used mostly for shipments in transit (when moving across the country or aboard) while Long term storage will provide security and warehousing solutions to house hold goods, corporate documents and inventories.

Green storage solutions will benefit our customers as well as the environment. Energy efficient, clean storage means better care of your shipments in less cost.

Green Wheels is committed to promote and use earth friendly and energy efficient storage solutions.

Green Pre-Moving Services

Green Wheels is committed to assist our customers in their preparations for a Green Move.

Green Wheels provides pre-moving services to prepare our customers for a green move and save you money. [Junk Removal to get rid of all your unwanted items , Packing Services to professionally pack your shipment, protect your items and reduce the size of your shipment and more].

Green Practices

Green Wheels is committed to implement green, earth friendly practices in every aspect of our business.

We developed a state of the art online system to manage marketing and operation, with “Zero Paper” policy. We allow our sales reps and relocation consultants to work from home and avoid commuting on a daily basis. We use energy efficient vehicles to transport our employees. We are constantly looking for green ways to conduct our operation and logistics.

Green Business Environment

Green enterprise should be friendly not only to the environment but also to its valuable customers and employees.

Green Wheels is committed to be Customer Service Oriented (CSO) and Customer Friendly Enterprise (CFE).

From our President and C.E.O to the last employee we will do everything we can to make your experience with us green, friendly, professional and personal.

We are also committed to provide a green, comfortable and cozy working environment to our employees.

Green Awareness

As America’s most earth friendly moving company and a pioneer in evolving the moving industry to a green industry, Green Wheels is committed to create and increase awareness to the Green way of doing business (the Green Cause).

We vow to use our resources to provide green education as well promoting the green way of living and doing business to our customers, employees, agents, suppliers, affiliates and the communities which we operate within.

Green Charity

Green Wheels provides services to local communities across the country. We feel obligated to give these communities back by encouraging community activities and promoting charities.

Green Wheels is committed to green charity – assisting non profit organizations which either promote the green cause or working for the benefit of the public and our communities.

Green Innovation

Green Wheels believes that entrepreneurs and innovators will lead the way in combating the “green crisis”.

Green Wheels is committed to accelerate and encourage innovation focusing on earth friendly and energy efficient products, methods and services for the moving and storage industry.

The End. [thank you for watching our presentation].

Green Wheels appreciates the time you have invested in exploring our organization and values. we would like to hear from you.